Bathrobe Kalimo

Imagine a warm spring or even summer morning, the grass bathed in morning dew reflects the sun's rays and you, dressed in a colourful, delicate negligee, open your bedroom window? This mood will undoubtedly be enhanced by the Hulhule satin chemise, whose fabric was also designed by friends of Kalimo. The negligee was designed to give the impression of lightness and dignity, and you may feel like a colourful butterfly. Will you be enchanted? Wide sleeves reaching to mid-calf attract attention. This housecoat can also be used as a holiday swimsuit cover-up. The underwear is packed in a beautiful, large box (ideal for a gift).

Spandex 3 %
Polyester 97 %
Size Hips Chest
L 101-105 cm 95-99 cm
M 96-100 cm 90-94 cm
S 91-95 cm 84-89 cm
XL 106-110 cm 100-104 cm
XXL 111-115 cm 105-109 cm
Bathrobes for WomenMatterhorn_Category_/WOMEN/Women`s Lingerie/NightwearMatterhorn_Color_beigeMatterhorn_ProductId_165922Matterhorn_Type_BathrobeMatterhorn_Vendor_KalimoSleepwear for Women/Dressing Gowns

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