Daydress Makadamia

Beautiful dress made of lightweight viscose knit, will be suitable both at work and during a sophisticated party. The dress is long, so it looks beautiful on a taller figure. It has a turtleneck, which is slightly creased at the back, and long sleeves that conceal the shoulders. The dress has two slits at the bottom which make it easy to move around in the dress. At the waistline there is an asymmetrical tie made of the same material as the whole dress. Wear with boots, throw an elegant coat over your back and show off your style with pride.

Spandex 5 %
Viscose 95 %
Size Lenght Hips Chest Waist
36/38 124 cm 120 cm 84 cm 80 cm
40/42 132 cm 128 cm 92 cm 88 cm
Matterhorn_Category_/WOMEN/Women's Clothing/Dresses/Day DressesMatterhorn_Color_greenMatterhorn_ProductId_158381Matterhorn_Type_DaydressMatterhorn_Vendor_Makadamia

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