Daydress Makadamia

A long women's dress with a turtleneck and front pockets is a perfect choice for tall women who like to emphasize their assets. Will look great when matched with boots, as well as sports shoes. Dress is made entirely of acrylic, which wraps around the body, emphasizing feminine shapes. It is a classic base for many different stylizations. Can be fastened with a belt or worn loose. Matches many accessories that build climate of a given styling.

Acrylic 100 %
Size Lenght Hips Chest Waist
one-size-fits-all 120 cm 92 cm 92 cm 88 cm
Matterhorn_Category_/WOMEN/Women's Clothing/Dresses/Day DressesMatterhorn_Color_brownMatterhorn_ProductId_150113Matterhorn_Type_DaydressMatterhorn_Vendor_Makadamia

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