Daydress Makadamia

A casual oversize sweatshirt dress that will work well on a weekend afternoon and an extended day at work. This is the kind of dress that you can wear in many ways and you will look completely different every time. The dress is simple, so it adopts a lot of interesting decorative elements. It has a geometric cut and has a slight slit at the back for ease of use. A decorative application is present on one of the sleeves. The heart neckline makes the silhouette not look heavy in the dress.

Cotton 95 %
Spandex 5 %
Size Lenght Hips Chest
36/38 98 cm 124 cm 144 cm
40/42 100 cm 132 cm 152 cm
44/46 102 cm 140 cm 160 cm
Matterhorn_Category_/WOMEN/Women's Clothing/Dresses/Day DressesMatterhorn_Color_blackMatterhorn_ProductId_162225Matterhorn_Type_DaydressMatterhorn_Vendor_Makadamia

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