Momenti Per Me

Nightshirt Momenti Per Me

Lovely, mint-coloured nightdress by Momenti, based on one of the most comfortable cuts. It neatly emphasizes the line of thighs, accentuates body features, catches attention with its lovely colour and black brand logo placed in the middle... And the tannin? - Soft, airy, highly comfortable, 100% cotton. Tell me, do you feel like wearing something in which you will look feminine, intriguing and sexy this evening? Polish brand Momenti Per Me.

Cotton 100 %
Size Hips Chest
L 96-102 cm 92-96 cm
M 90-96 cm 88-92 cm
S 84-90 cm 84-88 cm
XL 102-108 cm 96-100 cm
Matterhorn_Category_/WOMEN/Women`s Lingerie/NightwearMatterhorn_Color_blueMatterhorn_ProductId_158581Matterhorn_Type_NightshirtMatterhorn_Vendor_Momenti Per MeNightiesSleep ShirtsSleepwear for Women/Nightgowns

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