Petticoat Kalimo

The seemingly simple Alexandria slip is in fact an incredibly sensual and flirtatious proposition.
The solid bottom softly wraps around the female body, while the impressive double layer of tulle at the top accentuates the bust for a natural push-up effect. The solid bottom wraps around the body, while the glamorous double layer tulle top accentuates the bust for a natural push-up effect. The neckline, although seemingly simple, is refined in every detail, which is how every connoisseur of good style will recognise Kalimo lingerie. Double mesh at the bust does not reveal everything, and waves of material are arranged radially to emphasize the curves of a woman's breasts. The tight blouse reaches the bust and cuts into the gusset, creating a perfect, rounded cut-off line.
. Adjustable shoulder straps are decorated with small flirtatious bows.


comfortable, tailored to fit body parts

provides a high degree of freedom to wear

providing elasticity of material in appropriate directions

total length of the slip measured at the side seam: 63cm


soft, stretchy knitwear

proper fit

lightweight, breathable

Additional product features:

decorative, tiny bows on shoulders

adjustable shoulder straps

underwear packaged in a beautiful, large box (perfect for a gift)

Cushioned underwear

Size Hips Chest
L 101-105 cm 95-99 cm
M 96-100 cm 90-94 cm
S 91-95 cm 84-89 cm
XL 106-110 cm 100-104 cm
XXL 111-115 cm 105-109 cm
Matterhorn_Category_/WOMEN/Women`s Lingerie/NightwearMatterhorn_Color_redMatterhorn_ProductId_62727Matterhorn_Type_PetticoatMatterhorn_Vendor_KalimoNightiesSleep ShirtsSleepwear for Women/Nightgowns

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