Momenti Per Me

Pyjama Momenti Per Me

Harmony is a two-piece women's pyjama made from high quality, refined cotton. It instantly returns the favour with its soft feel and pretty, eye-catching styling. A comfortable tee with "My life, my rules, my empire" printed in the centre combined with a subtle star-print on the shorts creates a fashionable, coordinated look. Petrol blue accessories. Shorts with side slit emphasize thighs.

Cotton 92 %
Spandex 8 %
Size Hips Chest
L 96-102 cm 92-96 cm
M 90-96 cm 88-92 cm
S 84-90 cm 84-88 cm
XL 102-108 cm 96-100 cm
Matterhorn_Category_/WOMEN/Women`s Lingerie/NightwearMatterhorn_Color_greyMatterhorn_ProductId_158572Matterhorn_Type_PyjamaMatterhorn_Vendor_Momenti Per MeSleepwear for Women/Women`s PyjamasSleepwear Sets

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