Shapewear Body Kalimo

Body representative from the front, bold at the back. From the front it looks like a well-fitted blouse. This is due to the construction of the bodysuit itself: fastened at the bottom (so it adheres elegantly) and uniformly wrapping the bust with a pleasant elastic material (microfiber). Additionally sewn under the bust for an even better fit.
The back of the bodysuit is a completely different story. Here it is bold. Very large cut-out on the back going down to the visible part above the trousers (if you are wearing them). The top is lace fastened with three elegant buttons. The sleeves are a delicate see-through mesh topped again with the same lace towards the hands. Pretty, right? :)
Why this combination of front and back? Ha, guess! ...Or put another way: wear this bodysuit, put a jacket or kurta over it. See now? Nice, elegant. And sexy when you want it sexy. You decide.

Spandex 13 %
polyamide 87 %
Size Hips Chest
L 101-105 cm 95-99 cm
M 96-100 cm 90-94 cm
S 91-95 cm 84-89 cm
XL 106-110 cm 100-104 cm
BeltsBodysuitsMatterhorn_Category_/WOMEN/Women`s Lingerie/Bras/CorsetsMatterhorn_Color_blackMatterhorn_ProductId_159181Matterhorn_Type_Shapewear BodyMatterhorn_Vendor_Kalimo

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