Swimming panties Barontex

Swimsuit bottoms in a versatile black color that goes well with any bra. Panties with a skimpy cut of tanga type. The cut is ideal for women with slimmer figures who like to wear a skimpy swimsuit.

Size Hips width
2XL 106-110 cm
3XL 110-114 cm
L 98-102 cm
M 94-98 cm
S 91-94 cm
XL 102-106 cm
BeachwearMatterhorn_Category_/WOMEN/Women`s Lingerie/Bathing SuitsMatterhorn_Color_blackMatterhorn_ProductId_156158Matterhorn_Type_Swimming pantiesMatterhorn_Vendor_BarontexSwimsuit BottomsSwimwear/Two-Piece SwimsuitsTops

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